Sharni + Sean | Yarra Valley Wedding

“Colourful, fun and relaxed with great food”. That’s how Sharni and Sean described their plans for their wedding when I first met with them. You only need to glimpse Sharni’s bouquet to know they nailed it. The deep magentas, reds, yellows and greens in Sharni’s bouquet and the floral arrangements by Sugar Bee Flowers complemented the vineyards and hills at Zonzo Estate where they had their ceremony and reception. Now build on that picture and include Sharni in her gorgeous Sugar and Spice gown and Sean in his tailor-made Oscar Hunt three piece suit. Could it get any better? Yes! It wasn’t just a beautiful sight to see; it was a beautiful experience to be a part of. I’ve seen many candle ceremonies (where the couple lights a candle together to signify the joining of their love) but this was the first time I had seen a San San Kudo ceremony. The bride and groom each sip from a cup of saki three times. The number three is particularly important because it is a number that can’t be divided by two. In other words, the ceremony symbolises a unity that can’t be split in half. It was different to anything I’d seen before and I understood the importance of it when Sharni’s sister and celebrant Emmalee Bell led them through it.

What really stood out in Sharni and Sean’s wedding was the way they invest themselves into everything they do, and even more so into the people they know. There was a real sense of comfort, of a chilled vibe with relaxed laughter and genuine enjoyment in all guests. When I met with Sharni and Sean a few times before their wedding I was struck by just how easy going and full of genuine warmth and excitement they were. On the day of their wedding it stood out to me again and I imagine it stands out to everyone who knows them. How could it not?