Shane + Lelia | Childers Cove, Warrnambool Elopement

Aussie boy meets French girl while travelling the world. They move to Australia, Boy proposes to Girl. They elope on a beach just outside of Warrnambool, Victoria on The Great Ocean Road. Sound like a movie? Well, to be honest, it just about could have been one.

Shane rang me a few weeks before he and Lelia planned to elope on a beach. He said Lelia’s brothers were in Australia for a short road trip along the southern coast of our great country. He asked if I would be interested in photographing the elopement ceremony. My reaction was pretty simple: “Are you kidding me? Hell – I mean, um – HEC YES!”

And everything was perfect. The secluded little cove and its beach. The setting sun and the warm weather. The guests (all four of them). The celebrant. The couple. Everything.

As I watched Shane +  Lelia’s wedding happen in front of me while the sun set behind the cliffs of Childers Cove, I knew I was witnessing something pretty special. The simplicity of the ceremony, full of laughter, was a beautiful reflection of the honest love Shane + Lelia have for each other. I met them the night before their planned elopement and then spent a couple of hours with them the next day. By the end of it I felt like I’d shared in the best day of two best friends. Talk about a privileged job, right?

Location: Childers Cove, Warrnambool, Vic
Celebrant: Marriages By Marcia