Nat + Andy | Eildon Wedding

What do you do when your good friend and fellow Star Wars fanboy asks you to photograph his wedding? You look him in the eye and say “I’d love to,” to which he replies “I know.”

Okay so just to be clear, there’s a Star Wars pun in that and I have a very satisfied look on my face right now. But regardless of whether you picked up on the reference, here are the things you should know about Nat and Andy’s wedding in Eildon. I’m going to bullet point everything because there’s a lot to take in.

  1. Nat + Andy are two hilarious people with very generous and genuine hearts.
  2. Andy is very musical and Nat is very crafty (in the arts and craft way, not so much the devious way).
  3. The wedding was all DIY.
  4. Nat made all the floral arrangements out of origami.
  5. The paper she used was printed sheet music.
  6. The petals of the flowers on the table settings were the same printed sheet music BUT they were cut in the shape of guitar picks.
  7. See? CRAFTY.
  8. Andy wore Converse Chucks and Nat had amazing red shoes that Dorothy would die for.
  9. The reception was held in a marquee in paddock on a family friend’s farm.
  10. They had Star Wars plush toys on the bridal table.
  11. Andy’s best man had Han Solo and Princess Leia Lego figures to hold the rings.

I’ll leave you to check out the rest of the awesomeness for yourself.