Cassie + Cam | Castaway Island, Fiji Wedding

Whenever a couple ask me to be their wedding photographer I feel honoured. There’s no greater day for me to be invited into, a day to celebrate with them. It’s a day to laugh, cry, dance, sing, drink, eat, rest, love and share with them. It’s an honour – there’s no doubt about it. I feel this way no matter where the wedding is, be it Warrnambool, Melbourne, Daylesford or any other place.

When Cassie and Cam asked me to be their wedding photographer on Castaway Island in Fiji, I felt honoured. But I felt something else too. I felt humbled. To me it’s nothing short of amazing that this beautiful, spirited and loving couple would ask me to travel to another part of the world to record their wedding day as it happened, moment for moment, putting their faith in me as their photographer.

And what a day it was! Cassie in her Anna Campbell gown, looking beyond gorgeous; Cam and his best friends, suited up but barefoot on the sand; their closest family and friends there to celebrate with them. A walk down the aisle to the sounds of an acoustic, tropical version of Xavier Rudd’s “Follow the Sun.” The surrounds of piercing blue seas in all directions, a tropical sun, palm trees, hills, flowers, a gentle sea breeze… I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience for two wonderful people.