Bianca + Chris | Melbourne Wedding

I first met Chris and Bianca over Skype and about 30 seconds into the call I came face-to-face with Nooki, their Russian Blue cat who, in typical cat fashion, had already decided the Skype meeting would be about her. She wasn’t too impressed about being moved out of the way and kept coming back to check up on the conversation. It was clear that no wedding would take place unless she approved of the plans and was certain of her place in it. She got her way and went on to star in some of the photos and meeting her in person (in cat?) was one of the many highlights of Chris and Bianca’s wedding.

Chris and Bianca are the kind of people who believe in finding the fun in everything, and in celebrating big things and small. Their energy is infectious and on their wedding day it was doubly so. It was impossible not to smile and have fun. Their ceremony was held in the amazing dome at 333 Collins and afterwards we took some photos along Collins Street before heading to Brighton Beach to see the iconic bathing baths. We then headed to Chris and Bianca’s home to meet Nooki so she wouldn’t feel like she missed out. We ended the day at Mihalis Tavern in Box Hill.

Normally it’s the bride and groom who complain about their faces hurting from smiling so much but on that day it was my own face that hurt. The day was so relaxed and full of fun, laughter and love that I went home feeling like I had known Bianca and Chris – and their whole wedding party – for years. That’s a pretty amazing feeling and from the friendship that grew out of that day I know I’ll look back on these photos and think, geez, I have actually known these guys for years.