Annalice + Col | Warrnambool Wedding

Warrnambool has an unfair reputation as a cold and windy city. It’s not. In fact, for one day out of every 365 it’s a really warm, sunny and peaceful city, and Annalice and Col’s wedding is proof of that. Either side of their wedding day was horrendously wet and windy but on their Saturday at the end of April it was truly magnificent. Clear blue skies, no wind and enough warmth to make everyone feel comfortable. It was the perfect setting for this couple’s wonderfully laughter-filled wedding.

From the brilliantly clear blue skies over the Hopkins River where Col and Annalice shared their “first look” moment to the stunning outlook over the ocean from Pickering Point; from the golden light on the banks of the same river but at a different location to the unusually warm evening when people didn’t feel the need to put coats on, Warrnambool couldn’t have been any more perfect. And it matched Annalice and Col. They are warm, caring people with bright hearts that bring out smiles and laughter. The weather was perfect but I think that even if it had been cold, wet and windy it wouldn’t have felt that way. No matter what, Annalice and Col can make any day feel sunny.

I was fortunate to have the wonderful Lecinda Ward assisting me at this wedding.