1. How soon do we get our photos?

I always try to get a couple’s wedding photos edited and uploaded to a private, password protected online gallery within 6-8 weeks of their wedding. You can download the high resolution / print versions of your photos directly from this gallery. What happens after that is different for every couple: some prefer to have just the digital files while others order albums, prints, canvases and other goodies; these things obviously take more time to be chosen, designed, printed and shipped.

2. What happens if it rains?

Everyone hopes for perfect weather on their wedding day but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. The main thing to remember is this: rain on your wedding day will NOT ruin your wedding. It will still be a wonderful celebration of your love for each other. It also won’t be a problem for your photos. In fact, rain can lead to some of the most creative and fun wedding photos. And I always make sure I’ve got a heap of big umbrellas with me so that if it does start to rain then we’re covered. Literally.

3. Will you be photoshopping our photos?

This is a really complex question. The short answer is yes, but probably not in the way most people think of “photoshopping”. The truth is that all wedding photographers photoshop their images in some way. Personally, I use two pieces of software when editing photos: Lightroom and Photoshop. I use these to make natural adjustments to your photos; things like brightness, contrast, punchiness of colours, removing any blow-flies or dust specs from jackets... that sort of thing. What I don’t do is change a person’s physical appearance, like giving them a nip & tuck around the tummy, slimming arms, adding more hair to cover bald spots, enlarging a lady’s bust etc. You are two beautiful people and believe me, you don’t need Photoshop to make you any more beautiful.

4. Can we have one of those hipster shots where we stand side-by-side holding hands, looking at the camera but not smiling? They're so hot right now.

No. I refuse to take that photo. What I will take is one where you're both smiling and happy. Why? Because it's your wedding day and you're celebrating your love and having a party. The version with deadpan, depressed looks may convey a sense of artistic irony but just because it's in vogue now and everyone is doing it doesn't mean you have to have the same wedding photo as everyone else. My approach is to take fun, relaxed and candid photos are that are unique to you and your partner. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

5. Can we go location scouting with you?

You sure can. In fact, where it’s physically possible and practical I encourage all my brides and grooms to come along with me while I suss out the coolest places for awesome wedding photos around or nearby where you’ll be getting hitched.

6. We're a little worried that Grandma will hijack the photos or people will wander off before the family photos are done.

Oh man, grandmas are really good at that and uncles are notorious for getting distracted and wandering away. But don’t stress, I’ll use my Dad voice and will be firm with people about what’s needed for family photos. I’ll also give them a gentle but firm push to go away when it’s time for your photos as a couple. Most people are fine with this. They understand the day is about you and not them.

7. Is it awkward or stressful getting wedding photos done?

No! It will be fun! You will laugh, giggle, smile and hold each other. You will goof around and have loads of fun with your new husband or wife and your bridal party. My approach is to make your wedding photos feel natural and unposed, and I pride myself on being able to help couples relax and enjoy the experience.

8. Really? You're into Star Wars and Shakespeare? Isn't that kind of dorky?

Yep, but I don’t care because it’s what I love. Or as Yoda would say, “Care not, do I, yep.” Or as Shakespearean Yoda would say, “Faith, careth I do not, verily... eth.”

9. Why is wedding photography so expensive? Is it just because it's a wedding?

No, not at all. When you pay for wedding photography you are paying for experience, professionalism, creativity and style. You’re paying for someone who has practised, taken professional development courses, has invested in equipment and, simply, who knows what they’re doing. You can spend thousands of dollars on a venue, food, champagne, music, decorations and cars for your wedding, but in 5, 10 or 50 years time you won’t remember how those things tasted or sounded, how they looked or what model the bridal car was. What you want in 5, 10 or 50 years is a set of beautiful, professionally created wedding photos that tell the story of your day. It’s best not to risk your photos and memories just to save a few dollars.

10. How do we book you?

The first thing you need to do is contact me and let me know the date of your wedding so I can check if I’m available. If I am then we’ll get together for a coffee or catch up by Skype to talk about your love story and your plans for your wedding day. There’s some boring paperwork that needs to be done but that doesn’t take long. The fun stuff is talking about ideas, stories, plans, funny stuff and then, on the day, getting married!